Product Design
It Helps People in Thinking Together




It s a self Initiated project, while working with Anthem I observed Business Solution Team at Anthem works on various part of Insurance claims management and provider management. The team requires a lot of synchronous and asynchronous communication to evaluate problem, explore ideas and build solutions.


1 months

Team Members







With the major digital transformation, its is imperative if people working on different parts of the huge enterprise system evaluate the problem space, share individual and group perspectives and thrive innovative approach to solve the critical issues.

Being a huge team with different work areas and different time schedule, it is very difficult to for them to work on every Ides and solve problems together.

Target Users

The users of this solution are business solution team (BST) of Anthem which is consist of software developers, System architects, project managers, program directors and senior leadership. This team work to  ensure the consistent, quality-driven the Anthem Enterprise system for claim works fine. They work on a very complex system which is been evolved in past 20 years.

How Might We

“How might we design a solution which help team collaborate asynchronously."


A mobile application which help in asynchronous communication within the team. Teams can work on a structured process of solving a problem together.

Key Features

Home screen

Home Screen

From this screen users can look at all the existing added by people, teams who are working on that problem and the status.

process screen

Process Screen

This Screen will show process steps to the user and the status of the problem added.

adding challenge

Adding Challenge

Screen to add a new challenge or join existing challenge

Adding challenge details

Defining problem

In this screen the user can categorise the problem and define type and timeline to the problem and assign contributers

MApping Problem

Collaborate to Map a Problem

This screen helps users to collaborate in adding various aspects on one problem.

Problem Group

Grouping the similar problem

All the subset of the problems are grouped based on the similarity of the problem.


Review Performance

Dashboard help Claims processors to stay informed about their performance.

The Process

Identifying Pain Point
Wire-framing and testing

Understanding            Survey          Stakeholders Interview        Identifying      BrainStorming      Brainstorming      Wire-framing and       Testing                                                                                                                                Pain points                                                                                       Prototyping             and Evaluation




Before I started designing, it was critical to understand who we were designing for and their goals and problems. I divided my research into initial  comparative analysis and contextual interview. It helped me to gain initial insight into users.



I did 4 interview with 2 developers and 1  system architect and 1 Technology director to understand their perspective about how easy it to communicate and implement new ideas.

Comparative Analysis

i) To Understand the Existing solution
ii) To know the perspective of Business solution team.

Comparative analysis

Anthem business solution team uses Share-point and Idea-hub to share work and ideas within the department and across departments.


Employee can share their work within and outside the department through share point.
Key Features:
a) File Sharing
b) Centralised
c) Proof of concept can be shared for new ideas

Idea Hub

Employee can share their ideas on IdeaHub across.
Key Features :
a) People can share their Ideas
b) People can review and provide feedback
c) People can share their work

Market Research

I did market research to see what are the existing tools available which helps teams to collaborate asynchronously. I found apps like Miro and Slack which is been used by companies and professionals.

What people do with their ideas?

While working people often face a certain problems and sometimes they think of potential solution that can help them handling that problem.
In a normal office scenario people think of the idea but they often don't know what to do with that idea.
The idea either get lot because of the busy deadlines and priorities, or as a meeting notes in the mails. Many times the ideas never take a shape, and get lost in the everyday routine.

Redefine Problem

1. Not able to map a problem and brainstorm ideas together.

2. Collaboration outside the department and teams are difficult.

3. Unequal high level visibility among people

4 Lack of motivation to work on something other than the main Job responsibilities.

5. Low user engagement on existing solution for sharing ideas.




How Might We:


Increase User Engagement

Increase Collaboration and Maximize peoples participation


Motivation fot Continual innovation, not instant perfection


Mobility- "Bringing innovation to people "


Minimize Individual Effort

Start small and elaborate with team , Improve Productivity and Save time


Why Mobile App?

Mobile websites and apps can look very similar; however, they are two very different mobile mediums. A mobile app allows users added value through a new channel for engagement.

Journey Mapping

Feature Selection

Framing Problem

Starting with adding a problem its basic. Ability to let people assign themselves as moderators or contributors .Thematic mapping of the problem.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Minimum effort in adding a solution by usingIncluding pictures of the contributors to increase engagement


Ability to define next stepsAssigning people to execution plan

Main Screens

Home Screen

  Add Challenge

Activity Mapping

New Challenge

Problem Mapping

Problem Grouping




I went back to our interviewees to get their feedback and 100% of the participants agreed with the premise of the solution and liked the usability of the application.
The overall response was positive and the user interface was unanimously appreciated, adding on to the simplistic nature of the application.



It was a self initiated project, I learnt how in a little time an design ideas can be build with the help of formal discussion and casual conversation with teams.