E-commerce TV application- Samsung and LG TV

UX Design
OTT Design for Live and prerecorded shows with e-commerce content.

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I Started working on this project in July 2020, I was the solo designer on this project. The goal of this project was design OTT experience for more than 115K Monthly active user of a popular e-commerce brand which already have a presence on various digital mediums. This app was to be specifically designed for Samsung and LG TV users.

I started my work by analyzing the user data on other TV apps of the brand, Insights from the existing user data helped me understand the prime user-base and focus areas. I designed  MVP for the project with coordination of a multifaceted team which includes developers, product owner, QA and system architecture.I led the presentation for the designs with the client for the design approvals.  In my design process I ensured the technical feasibility and seek perspective by sharing the designs with the technical and in-house design team.
Post MVP launch and approvals, I worked on the full app designs, This process also include testing and design iteration based on the test results. This project was completed on 8 month. I used Figma for the design of this app.


The experience of watching TV has to evoke positive emotions by offering users frictionless interaction, providing quick and smooth access to their preferred content. But designing such a positive experience may be exceptionally difficult in the case of TV interfaces. This stems from a couple of technical limitations and challenges typical for TV:

No use of touch and the importance of focus

While designing I had to consider the focus state at every stage, focus state is very important for smart TV platforms as there is no mouse pointer or touch interaction to simply tap the desired item.

Various TV sizes and remote types

TV screens are usually very big, but may come in smaller sizes too. This requires designing properly sized UI elements and fonts. Also, TV is often watched from a distance. Remotes for LG and Samsung remotes are slightly different for their different models.

User Demographics

The prime user-base for this project was mid to old age men and women. While designing I had to ensure the accessibility and usability.

Colors and Font in the Daylight and night light

The colors and fonts can have a different legibility and clarity in day and night light and on various sizes of the TV. I tested the designs in these different light to ensure consistent output.


It was fun designing this app, I had a great experience working with the client and with the project team. I learned various new aspects of TV design. I feel as much as the content is the hero of OTT apps, designing an app that’s easy to use and pleasant to navigate is instrumental in helping the content reach its full potential and reach maximum eyes. In future these designs can be improved further after carefully observing and analyzing more long term usability outcomes.

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