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This project was focused on exploring online data privacy issues among salesforce cloud users. Salesforce wants to understand and solve privacy concerns among their Customer Relationship Management Solutions users for Marketing, Service, and Commerce. In this project we attempted to seek understanding about how technology and regulatory advances are likely to impact data privacy in the next few years.


8 months

Team Members





Salesforce Design System

Original Assumption

Consumers have a lot of suspicion and threat about their online data that has been captured and used by various companies. 

Redefined Problem

After research we break down the larger problem of lack of trust among people regarding their data into more specific and refined problems.

Lengthy Terms and Conditions

Complicated and long term conditions are difficult for users to understand. Our research states that 91% of people do not read Terms and conditions before agreeing because of its complexity and they feel the consent they provide is forced.

Unawareness of how and why user data is captured

90% of users feel that they are being tracked by various digital platforms all the time. User don't know what and when their data is been taken by these companies and how they can control that.

Unwanted marketing and hard to unsubscribe

96% users feel marketing and promotions are overwhelming and there is no simple way to unsubscribe or set preference. No user validated preferences and profile.

My Role

I was a solo designer for this project and co-researched with 2 researchers.
I was responsible for designing the UX/UI of the Salesforce builder tool shared in this case study. I coordinated with Salesforce design teams to validate and finalize the designs.

How Might We

“How might we address end consumer's online privacy concerns and meet the business needs as well."

Tool to Redesign Terms of Service


This tool is designed to simplify terms of service. It is customizable for different salesforce B2B Client needs.
Companies can import their existing terms of service into the builder tool, and redesign it by adding visuals, defining highlights etc.

Easy Import and redesign of Terms of service

Builder tool helps companies to upload existing terms of service and to redesign their terms of service.
While designing companies can use visual gallery to add image/ animations/ GIF to the terms of service.

Review and Edit

User can use the tool to do advance level of editing of the Terms which includes  

New Terms of service

The companies which do not have any terms of service can also create new terms using the builder tool.
This will allow companies to add basic information and then later add new terms of service.

User online Activity Log


Companies can add end user activity log pages with the builder tool to provide the end user activity log which helps their customer to understand why company is retaining their data and how the data is tracked.

Create User Activity Log

With the builder tool  companies create user activity log for their customer and activate these pages on their websites.
Companies can use existing templates to begin creating a page and then customise it later based on their needs.
Standard templates are - Activity log for Personal data, transactional data, behavioural data and third party data.

User Preference Center


Companies can design user preference pages where customer can choose what are their preferences in products, services or preffered mode/timing of the communication.                                       

Create Preference page

With the builder tool  companies create preference page where their customer can set their preferences.
It is a highly customisable tool which help companies to build preference pages based on their company products, services and mode of communications.




Before we started designing, it was critical to understand who we were designing for and their goals and problems. We divided our research into initial literature review , comparative analysis to understand the domain and furthered the research user surveys and contextual inquiries.


Literature Review

In the literature review, we focused on the research study done on diverse cultures, age groups, and different mediums. The review was aimed to understand different layers of privacy issues faced by end-users.


Data privacy survey was completed by 48 participants, We collected responses from all age groups. We formulated 7 questions.

Comparative Analysis

Analysis of various online privacy tools that are available for end users within the client's platform and outside.


We did 6 contextual interviewed with end customer and 6 Interviews with other stakeholders at salesforce.



Identify user pain points and understand their perspective while using online platforms.


Understand Buisiness Needs


Learn about GDPR regulations


Learn about Salesforce platform and marketing cloud


Based on the analysis done during the affinity diagram session and whiteboard session we decided to create 3 personas to represent our user base.

Technical person who take most measures for online security but find it challenging to keep track of all safety tools

Non-technical person fears about his data privacy but don’t know how to deal with it

Non-technical person who is not concerned about data privacy and thinks online privacy is a myth

Key Insights

Overwhelming Cyber Security measures

To many cyber security solutions create more ambiguity than helping. Unawareness on use of personal data  makes user more threatened.

Forced Consent- Terms of service

Less understanding of t&C creates suspicion
It’s not easy to revert back after giving consent once.

User Online Profile not validated

Online Profiling based on behavioral and transactional history. No user validation on the profile

Companies targeting wrong person

its important to know the actual real users and have more targeted marketing




How Might We:


Make Terms and Condition Easy to understand


Create Customer Validated profiling


Easy Reversibility


Online data Usage Report


Visioning Diagram Analysis

We started ideating by working on three initial vision diagram. Visioning diagrams helped us in producing coherent design answers derived from the research outputs and user data. We sketched three ideas.

1. A Web based Solution on Salesforce cloud
. Salesforce Browser plugin
3. Salesforce Browser .

We Compared all three initial ideas and shared it with the client. After evaluating all the pros and cons of all three ideas and doing a feasibility analysis on each we found out that

1. A Web based Solution on Salesforce cloud is meets all the user needs.

We then, design initial low-fi sketches of web app which support users to understand how a company use their data, preference centre for the users and easy to use terms and condition.

Design System

For this project I worked on The Salesforce Lightning Design System to create user interfaces consistent with the Salesforce Lightning principles, design language, and best practices.

Final Solution

Salesforce Builder Tool

This tool is designed to be used by the companies who use salesforce cloud, these companies can change their terms of service with this tool and make it more user friendly. This tool can also help companies to add user activity log dashboard and user preference center for their brands.

Adding new / Redesigning Existing Terms of Service

Adding New Terms of Service

Redesign Existing terms of service

Step 1: Add New Term or Import existing T&C

Add New terms of service

Imported Terms of service

Step 2: Add New Graphic/ Animations to the Terms

Select or Upload Visuals

Selection of the Graphics from the gallery

Step 3 : Final Review and Edit ( Basic Edit, Quick Edit and Advanced Edit Options)

Basic Editing Within Terms Editor

Advance Editing

Quick Section Editing

Output/ Final Review

User Activity Log

Companies can use the builder tool to generate the user activity data. Most companies capture four different type of user data. The builder tool will help user in generating reports of that data in form of dashboard. This helps user in understanding how the data is used and how it used by the company.
Four data template that can be used in Builder tool capture the following data:
1. User Personal Data
2. User Behavior Data
3. User Transactional Data
4. User Third Party data

Add User Activity Log

Add highlights of terms of service


Personal Data Log

Transactional Data Log

Behavior Data

Third Party Data

Preference Center

The Companies who use salesforce cloud can use the builder tool to develop preference center for their website/mobile apps. The end user can set their preference with this app.

Add User Activity Log

Add highlights of terms of service




We went back to our participants to test our prototype and found overall positive and excited responses. Participants appreciated that with this concept they can build more trust with the end user.

Customizable templates

Salesforce does not disclose the companies which use their cloud service so the templates should not identify that the companies are using a specific platform. Despite of having customizable templates for Terms of service, user log and preference center it is more likely that the output can be identifiable as Salesforce product.

Difficulty in using advance editor

The advance editor of the builder tool was complicated and require training. The quick editor was most used by the user.



Future Scope

Explore Mobile Options

Making our platform more accessible means that it should be available for a wide variety of users and devices. Expanding to mobile options will be the next step, which will bring more challenges and opportunities.

Adding Videos and other media in Terms of service

Adding option to be also add videos or other media can help the companies to
more with the redesign.




The key challenge with this project was that it was a very new and broad domain. It took us a lot of time to synthesize and narrow down the broader issue. I learnt with this project how a problem with a strong emotional connect can be handled with also including the business need.
Another major Challenge in this project was we could not design directly for the end user, the solution has to be route throw the companies. This required us to think of the solution in a totally different way which can still be able to solve the core problem.

Working with Salesforce Team

Working with a fantastic team, helps you grow as an individual. This project is one which I have enjoyed working on the most. A huge thank you to amazing Salesforce team, with everyone being so encouraging and motivating!

Salesforce Design System

Working on the Salesforce lightening design system was a great learning. It helped me understanding the platform and how we can integrate the entirely new concept in the existing platform


Thanks For Reading